IKAN FRESH 2U is a seafood online platform owned by IF2U NETWORK SDN BHD to promote and trade fresh seafood as well as healthy agricultural produce directly to consumers.


To achieve growth a very useful platform, perform a new alternative buying method that deliver a fresh healthy food to consumer, with more economical and on online performance basis, provide a win win situation for the end user and local agriculture communities. Sustain a balance economical stabilities for the local fisherman.


Business Responsibility:
To achieve commercial success, generate superior business performances and provide meaningful returns to all participants in industry.

Superior Customer Service:
To serve all customers and agriculture participants swiftly, accurately and precisely. Contribute in order to provide healthy food to public communities.

Solid Integrity:
To carried out with nothing less than utmost professionalism and the best in effort to bring about the finest service to customers and suppliers.

Communities Support:
Provide a platform to make a life easier by providing a smooth system deliver goods to consumer, end’s by gain more quality and effective time management.

Perform a contribution to public, consume healthy and quality products. Provide a trusty and reliable platform for public to purchase fresh and local agriculture products.


Provide online platform service and bring a healthy and natural product to consumers. Offline facilities provide local resident generate income.
Be able to share and spread community awareness on healthy food consumer.